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  1. Apr 29,  · Lecture Series on Circuit Theory by Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi. Lecture - 19 Double Tuned Circuits (Contd.) nptelhrd. Loading Unsubscribe from.
  2. A tuned circuit consists of a coil and a capacitor connected in series or parallel. Later in this chapter you will see the application and advantages of both series- and parallel-tuned circuits. Whenever the characteristics of inductance and capacitance are found in a tuned circuit, the phenomenon as RESONANCE takes place.
  3. Note: I designed the unique-sounding KOVIAK tube effect for a friend, but here's lots more schematics! The date of this collection is The schematics seem very .
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  5. May 31,  · The CAB and the transmit tuned circuits are just a capacitor and inductor in parallel, however, the recieve tuned circuit has the capacitor, inductor and a resistor added. My question is the addition of the resistor there for antiresonance to prevent distructive current build up or to compensate for phase shifting as the signal moves down the rail?
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  7. Apr 16,  · The tuned circuit behaves like a very high impedance or high-value grid resistor at this frequency, and very little of the signal picked up by the antenna passes to ground through the tuned circuit. Instead, the control grid of the vacuum-tube stage connected to the top of the tuned circuit sees nearly all of this signal and amplifies it.
  8. Used extensively in radio and electronics, tuned circuits are the major components in filters, oscillators and frequency selective networks. Reactance Reactance is the opposition to change of electric voltage or current due to the inductance or capacitance in a circuit. If the circuit contains inductors, then the reactance is inductive.

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