Heavy Mental Fans - Extreme Smoke 57* - Extreme Smoke 57 (Cassette)

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  1. Oct 20,  · Extreme Smoke (Nova Gorica/Eslovênia) 01 - (Hate) Skate party 02 - Beyond the unknown 03 - Dogfuck 04 - World under my fingernail 05 - Open your eyes 06 - Heavy mental fans 07 - Don't smoke 57
  2. May 29,  · Extreme Smoke's ep there's not enough of this band on youtube Tracklist: 1. Who Sold The Scene? 2. Corporate God 3. Fuck Culture - Let's Kill 4. .
  3. - EXTREME SMOKE 57 – D.I.Y. collection tape (cassette, Musical Destruction Tapes) - EXTREME SMOKE 57/ PATARENI – Split LP (LP, bootleg) - EXTREME SMOKE 57/ H – INCIDENT – Split 7" EP (7", Grindfather/ Extreme Terror/ Guttural Breath) - EXTREME SMOKE 57/ DECA DEBILANE – Split 7" EP (7", Debila Records).
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  5. Extreme Smoke 57 Demos CD from Independent Woman Records, $ USD. Compilation of the complete studio demos / Edition of / Duplicated CD in mini LP style sleeve with insert / Bonus 3" CDR of their final concert from / Liners from Boco Jakin / Essential recordings from these Slovenian genre breakers.
  6. EXTREME SMOKE 57 (Slo) + SEXORCIST (Hol) - Split EP Oh yeah, this is one hell of an EP, and I must say that I am the lucky owner of one copy!! The slovenian part is very Hardcore and the more controlled side of the EP, ES57 are a great band (I heard they reformed recently!!) andyou will surely enjoy their stuff. As for Sexorcist, it.
  7. Recording information: Extreme Smoke Taken from Demo 1, recorded in February, at Studio Rose in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Sexorcist: Tracks taken from their first demo "Demo I".
  8. Jan 26,  · Extreme Smoke 57(later shortened to Extreme Smoke) were the first grindcore band from Slovenia.

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